kurume kasuri textile

Let’s Make a Special from Kurume-kasuri Fabric


Kurume-kasuri has been favored in various types: kimono, western clothes and goods.
Woven by matured techniques through thirty procedures for three months, Kurume-kasuri fabric is full of charms.
We can keep Kurume-kasuri textile for you to make clothes or goods of the fabric by yourself or just to favor it at our online store.

The fabric is featured to be woven carefully; in addition, it is designed well – the patterns matured in the time of kimono and those accustomed in present.
Based on the tradition, the design of the textile shows us the simple atmosphere of Japanese.
Especially, Kurume-kasuri is specific for the design of “nijimi” (blotting) and “kasure” (cracking).
The patterns are similar to the blotting on the Japanese paper, with the simple and minute atmosphere manufactured by hands.

The order-made Kurume-kasuri – it’s only for you.
You can wrap the textile as a stole around your neck; also, it’s available for bags, pouches or covers of cushions, of course.
From the scraps of the textile you can make luncheon mats or coasters; or else, you can sew them to pockets, collars or cuffs.
Enjoy Kurume-kasuri in your own way!