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Let’s Wear Kimono of Kurume-kasuri


You can enjoy a lot of color and patterns of Kurume-kasuri.
At our online store, we can customize kimono of Kurume-kasuri for you, and you can buy yard goods of Kurume-kasuri at reasonable prices.

Kimono has developed as a folk dress of Japanese traditionally.
Compared with the long history when Japanese put on kimono daily, it is just recently when western clothes became familiar to Japanese as a daily cloth.
Nevertheless, today kimono is not regarded as a daily cloth but a suit to wear on special occasions. Kimono has become a tasteful cloth, too.

Kimono has a lot of rules to wear, so it seems to be difficult to treat this kind of clothes.
You may wonder where or which season to go out in kimono, depending upon the material such as silk, wool, hemp or rayon.
In all, it is cotton that you can wear for a long time in a year as a daily cloth.

Cotton is a simple texture, so you can be relaxed in the kimono made of cotton.
The natural material is gentle to your skin, and it’s easy to treat the kimono because you can do the laundry at home frequently.
In addition, you can put on the kimono anytime, according with the sense of hot or cold regardless of the season.

Besides, Kurume-kasuri has so many kinds of coloring patterns, varying from small lovely designs to large modern one, from the gentle pastel color to dark blue or black.
You can choose a kimono that you’d like to wear today as you choose a western cloth.

This is the style of enjoying fashion that Japanese people have improved uniquely in the long history.
You can enjoy wearing the kimono of Kurume-kasuri, free from the traditional rule to wear kimono.