Let’s Wear Western Clothes of Kurume-kasuri


At our online store, you can buy clothes and fabric goods made of Kurume-kasuri.
Using Kurume-kasuri, a fabric which was born and has developed in Japan, we have high-quality goods designed and sewn in Japan.

Originally, Kurume-kasuri textile was popular as a farming cloth.
The people who were engaged in agriculture made Kurume-kasuri into “Monpe” (Women’s work pants) and used to work every day.
Monpe is a kind of “hakama” – a pair of trousers slacking off around a waist, but binding the edges of them around ankles.
It has been familiar with people as a farming cloth for females, still you can see women working in Monpe around in mountain areas.

In a sense, Monpe is a working cloth originally in Japan.
People have chosen Kurume-kasuri for the fabric to weave Monpe because it is appropriate for the climate: the comfortable texture of cotton fabric, good ventilation required in a humid area such as Japan.
The fabric is strong enough to work hard, woven tightly out of the vertical and horizontal threads which were dyed first, with the simple patterns made carefully – which provide brightness for daily life.

As Western clothes became more and more popular than kimono among people, they got to weave Kurume-kasuri into western clothes, too.
Kurume-kasuri, however, costing a lot of money and time, has been treated as an expensive material.
It began to be separated from daily life and has been regarded as fabrics on a special occasion.

Nowadays, we can get more and more information by ourselves and choose clothes, food and houses more freely than in the past.
It means we can get an essential value by seeing and checking it directly without being cheated by the appearance.
All the more, we have valued on Kurume-kasuri.

Kurume-kasuri is a fabric suiting for the Japanese lifestyle according with the climate.
Since the fabric makes no gap among bodies, clothes and the climate, we are free from stress given by wearing the clothes.
In addition, different from chemical fiber, Kurume-kasuri, made from natural one, can return to the earth at last, which means the textile won’t stress on either our life or the cycle of the environment on the earth.